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Reunion Rules
  1. Parking and Transportation:
  2. Parking for the Reunion will be provided along Warrick Road starting at the upper parking lot and working out on one side of the road only for easy passage. The only exceptions will be for disabled persons and please give Camp a call if you need this accommodation.

    By Land:

    You must park on Warrick Road please park on the left hand side of the road as you come in and understand that the shuttle vans will not pick or drop off guests unless bribed. Guests will not be allowed to leave their cars in the barn area or Archery range and we ask that you not turn around in our neighbor’s driveways.

    By Water:

    Dock space is very limited due to all of the activities happening at the Event and we ask that you do not come by boat to the reunion. Please give camp a call if this is your only means of attending.

  3. Registration:
  4. Please check in at the registration tent immediately upon your arrival in Camp to:

    • Pick up your cabin info and registration packet.
    • Provide information on your car.
    • Provide an emergency contact person if you are coming alone.
    • Inform the Infirmary of any allergies and pertinent medical info.
    • Advise of any specific dietary needs.
  5. Staff Assistance:
  6. Our staff are here to answer your questions and to ensure the safety of all individuals attending the reunion. Please be respectful of their efforts because they have been carefully chosen to ensure that your time at the Reunion is a safe and happy one.

  7. Line and Cabin Areas:
  8. Please be discreet and respectful of others in your cabin. The cabin lines and perches will be co-ed and also include children of families attending. The Girl’s Line campfire (next to basketball court) will end at 10 pm and the “late night” campfire will be located at the Senior Boy’s line campfire.

    Please leave your valuables and blow dryers at home, but remember to bring a flashlight and bedding and pillow to sleep with. We will be handing out mosquito nets for your bunk along with your registration packet.

    Young children need to be supervised at all times and after dark they must be in the care of their parents or guardians.

  9. Swimming
  10. Lifeguards will be provided in several designated swimming areas around Camp during the day. Do not swim alone or after dark and swim at your own risk when the lifeguards are not on duty.

    Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by their parents and / or a guardian and we do not allow any diving off of the docks.

    The Jumping Cliffs behind Spider Rock are not owned by Adirondack Camp. Please DO NOT TRESPASS on them.

  11. Smoking
  12. No Smoking in Camp. We are a tobacco-free environment and therefore do not allow smoking anywhere on the premises. Please respect our policy in this.

  13. Alcohol
  14. You must be 21 or older to consume alcohol on Camp’s premises and guests seen consuming alcohol and not of legal age, will be asked to leave the reunion. Camp will reserve the right to make alternate accommodations for those guests who are deemed unable to drive themselves.

Code of Conduct
  1. Personal safety of yourself and others is paramount.
  2. No alcohol is to be brought in to camp.
  3. No non-prescription drugs are allowed in camp.
  4. No smoking is allowed in camp at any location.
  5. All staff members are required to abide by the conduct rules set forth in the Adirondack Camp Staff Handbook and the conduct expectations set out herein. Where inconsistent these conduct expectations shall control.
  6. No sexual harassment of any kind will be tolerated.
  7. No demeaning ethnic, racial or religious remarks or behavior will be tolerated.
  8. No raucous or excessively loud behavior is permitted.
  9. Since males and females will be sharing the same cabins and perches please be discreet and respect others privacy in dressing and undressing under difficult conditions.
  10. No private cars are permitted below the top of the hill unless disability of the occupants requires otherwise.
  11. No dangerous play on or in the water. No Diving off docks. Swim only in the designated areas and during designated times. No jumping or diving off the cliffs opposite Spider Rock past the Chapel area. Adirondack Camp does not own this land anymore and going on non owned property could bring trespass charges.
  12. No docking of any boats at Adirondack (unless pre-arranged).
  13. No matches are to be used except at the approved campfire structures. No fireworks are permitted.
  14. No fishing without a New York State license.
  15. The penalty for violation of any of these rules may be in the discretion of the Camp Director in consultation with the owners in addition to any penalties imposed by law civil or criminal is the requirement for the offender to leave camp immediately without refund of fees.
I, , have read and agree to the Reunion Rules and Code of Conduct

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